Terms of Service

This website exists to promote civil liberties towards the fair usage rights policies existing for special reasons to allow unrestricted, unlimited, and unhindered access for everyone to all world's online resources and media. It also functions as the internet's DVR, as many people around the world still experience a shortage of internet and are required to download videos just to be able to watch them without buffering. For them and for everyone else, there is Downloaderr.

Privacy Policy

Downloaderr doesn't collect any data from its users. Your visit is 100% private and untrackable, thanks to HTTPS secure access.

Cookies Usage

Downloaderr doesn't use any cookies except session storage, no advertising also means no visitation tracking, so it's all good.. there's google analytics involved, it may use 1 cookie or so. If you don't want that - use our site in a tab with incognito mode on (CTRL+SHIFT+N in chrome).

Copyright Policy

We are against media owners and distributors limiting other people's access to publicly available instances of their work, but if you do insist on doing, we will comply and stop our users from accessing your online videos and audios. Simply write to this email webmaster@downloaderr.com and include signed copies of all documents proving your original ownership of the media or documents granting you the usage rights or your request will not be considered legitimate.